Tricia McLaughlin
Tricia McLaughlin (USA, 1964–)
“History of the World” (2008), animation, 4 min, color, sounds

“History of the World” is an animation film created by Tricia McLaughlin. The main characters are Moai sculptures that are stone biker apes. These biker apes are not gendered, but are often assumed to be masculine by the viewer (perhaps because motorcycles are more often associated with the male gender). Yet the lines they draw on the earth with their motorcycles give “birth” to a grass creature. This creature they created proceeds to fold the ocean into an airplane that chases the biker apes and leads them into the very same ocean the water airplane was made from. Under water they are reunited with discarded Moais. From here the cycle can start again. Mother Nature has a way of continuing life in different forms. In this case, she has help from some mechanical inventions, the motorcycle and airplane.