(Born in 1951, Currently lives and active in New York)

Renee Magnanti is an artist of painting and the fiber arts from Rochester, New York. She is currently a resident of the New York City area. Magnanti received her MFA from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and her BFA from SUNY at Buffalo in New York. Magnanti has taken part in solo, two-person, and group exhibitions in venues across the United States and Europe, all over the New York area, in New Orleans, and London. Her work has earned her fellowships with CAPS and Rumsey Traveling.
Her work interweaves patterns taken from her studies with both mediums, and the diverse cultural backgrounds and historical moments in time in which they span. She looks to unearth man’s similarities in these patterns as she finds them stronger in the emphasis of those similarities, not on the differences. Magnanti’s motifs have been compared to the early works of Kandinsky in their amassment of ethnographic designs. Some have described her work’s inspirations as tribal. She paints tightly woven and seemingly planned geometrically oriented works. Most recently Magnanti took part in a group exhibition, in January of 2009, titled Journey of Amalgamated Dreams at the ArtGate Gallery in New York City. The exhibition was a collaboration of contemporary artists in their use of layers both physical and conceptual.