(Born in 1979년 생. Currently live in Seoul)

Hong, Ju Hee majored Eastern Painting at Hongik University and its Graduate School. She has held three solo shows, including the 2006's and the 2008's , , and Hong uses landscape paintings and folk paintings as her foundation, but she actively reinterprets and appropriates them in modern contexts. Modern reinterpretation of the tradition was popular among young Asia artists in Korea in the early and mid-2000s. It was different from what the older artists had done in the 1980s and 1990s in that the methods of appropriation were humorous and liberal beyond any boundaries between East and West, or classics and modernity. Hong is one of these young artists. For her solo show in 2006, she borrowed the conceptual reproduction from landscape paintings and the use of bright colors from folk paintings, while creating the ideal utopia of the East based on her personal preferences.
Her utopian fantasies are maximized in her works from 2008. She makes bolder attempts to pursue the coexistence between tradition and modernity, East and West, and ideal and reality, and creates surrealistic ambiences and fantastic and decorative expressions to express her enthusiasm toward the utopia.